Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New Darksiders Artwork

I was searching around the web and was pointed in the direction of new Darksiders artwork by Joe Madureira. Some of it might be old and some are questionable to being done by Joe Mad but enjoy them none the less!

Here is the cover to the Darksiders Gamestop pre-order bonus graphic novel.

Wizard #221 Joe Mad Cover

Here's what Wizard Magazine has to say about January's issue.

JOE MAD'S LATEST! We hook up with fan-fave artist Joe Madureira for a look at his latest project: the forthcoming THQ video game release, Darksiders! Get an exclusive look at Joe Mad's designs as we catch up with the one-time X-Men superstar. Available in comic book stores: 01/06/10

I'll have the cover up as soon as it's released.

New Darksiders video

Friday, December 11, 2009

Darksiders Preview Video with Joe Madureira

This is almost a month old but it's a great video showing off new Joe Madureira artwork and some story behind the development of the characters in Darksiders. Enjoy!

Joe Madureira Talks Darksiders